Easy Does It

Another quiet night.  NW and I were both wiped out by bedtime.  Neither of us was in the mood to play.  So, we didn’t.  We crawled into bed and indulged in some cuddling and really good sleep.  We needed it.

This morning, however, I was awakened by NW lightly playing with the head of my cock.  She said that I was erect, in record time.  Then my cock decided to wake me up.  What a wonderful way to start the day.  Over the next f3w minutes, NW edged me three times.  I, still avoiding intercourse, brought her to orgasm multiple times.  Then it was off to the shower.  She is thinking that, maybe, tomorrow might be the day.  Only time will tell…

The Usual, Please

NW and I retired early, last night.  Put on a movie, in the bedroom, and just spent some time together.  Somewhere along the way, of course, she received several orgasms and I was stroked, sucked and pleasured.  And that was about it.

It was a good time, just being with each other.  The sex, I think, was almost habitual.  In any case, here I am, back at work.  Another glorious week.  Thirty-nine days since my last eruption.  Looks like I will make through January after all.


After this mornings edging, I went to take a shower.  I dried off and went into the bedroom and there was NW.  She had tried to play with me, just before me shower, but I was feeling a bit off and we stopped.  After getting out of the shower, though, I felt much better.

I kicked back on the bed and NW moved in between my legs.  She took me in her mouth and had me edged even before I was fully erect.  As is the case, lately, once edged, I stay close.  So, to avoid a potential issue, she moved south.  She licked my balls, then my perineum.  Sensing how close she was, I drew up my legs and exposed my ass.  She dove in.  Licking, flicking, probing and fucking my ass with her tongue.  It was wonderful!

After a couple of minutes, she went back to my cock, edged me again and we needed to call it there.  I was too supercharged.  I did mange to express a good bit of precum for her to enjoy, though.  Nice way to start the day…

Postponed Again…Is NW Playing Me?

The answer is no.  Well, at least I don’t think she is.  We roused this morning and she worked me, rather quickly, to a full erection.  I asked what the plan was and she confirmed that she planned to give me a ruined orgasm.  Honestly, I wasn’t ready for it, but I wasn’t going to interject that.  I asked her how her parts were doing and she said that they were still a little bit tender, on the outside.  That caused the conversation.

I pointed out that we really want her to be 100%.  It would really suck for her to give me a ruined orgasm, with the intent of having intercourse, this evening, only to find the intercourse uncomfortable.  Not to mention, it could set her back.  She agreed with that, but said that she didn’t want to have to wait until next weekend.  I pointed out that she didn’t have to wait on intercourse.  We have had intercourse several times.  It would just delay the experiment.  Also, we discussed the fact that not having intercourse did not mean that she couldn’t just ruin one.

For that matter, once she was 100%, we could find the time, one morning during the week, to ruin one, before I go to work.  Long story short, we decided to postpone it again.  I have no idea if she is planning to give me a ruined orgasm this evening or not.  That is okay with me.  As groggy as I was, this morning, it would not be the experience that it could be.  I really wanted to wait.  I am happy that NW made the decision that she did.

In lieu of that, she did edge me, twice.  I was locked and loaded…rock hard, balls drawn up, leaking precum and ready to explode.  I edged rather quickly.  She paused for a bit, grabbed my cock and started to slowly stroke.  Two strokes in I had to warn her off.  Even having stopped, I almost went over.  My body is just primed for orgasm.  We stopped there.

In other news, NW mentioned my Lent idea, last night.  She said that she thought we should return to a “normal” period, soon, so that I would be ready for it, should we decide to do it.  My thought was, “why?”.  At this point, I am doing okay.  If things start to get iffy, we can add in ruined orgasms, to try to get to the start of Lent.  After all, this is really about denying full orgasms, to us.  It might not work, but it might.  No point in abandoning this if I am still onboard.    Of course, that is up to her.  So we will just have to wait and see.

Ruining Postponed

As you may have gathered, from the lack of a post, NW did not give me a ruined orgasm this morning (Saturday).  NW’s issue is almost gone, but not so much that she was willing to test it with intercourse.  Hence, she decided that there was no reason to give me an orgasm, ruined or other.  I have to admit, that is completely logical, if not frustrating.

As it stands right now, the plan is for me to have it Sunday morning…thirty-eight days into it.  The idea is to see what effect it will have on my later that day arousal and whether or not it prolongs the duration of our intercourse…allows me last longer before edging.  I guess we will know by tomorrow evening.

This is not a prelude to an impending full orgasm.  And we will continue the count just as we have, as it all adds to the total number of days since I have had a full orgasm.  Which makes sense from NW’s perspective, since she doesn’t consider ruined orgasms to be orgasms at all.  In any case, I think ruined orgasms will be necessary to prolong our play.  While not really pleasurable, in fact uncomfortable, it does provide a bit of pressure relief.  And she will, at times, undoubtedly want me to fight against the orgasms, making them even more painful.  This, since fighting a ruined orgasm actually makes my balls and abdomen ache.

So, there it is.  We will see what the morning, and evening, holds.

Obviously, She Reads My Blog…

NW and I had a brief foray, last night.  For the first time in days, I was able to directly stimulate her clit, even though penetration was still a no go.  I took full advantage of it, and the fact that she had not been stimulated in two days  Light touches, hard presses, slow movements, clit ripping movements.  She came, multiple times.  Even, at one point, trying to get away, so that the stimulation would stop.  I only gave her one more after that.

She brought me to full erection (less than one second, now…yes, this is an exaggeration)) and started stroking me.  She stroked me, gently, for a while.  Then she returned to the teasing…stimulating just the topside of my cockhead.  It was intense almost immediately.  But I have become fairly adept at containing it.  It seemed to go on forever, though.  I began to wonder if I would ever edge.  I knew that NW wouldn’t stop until she had to.  And I damned sure didn’t want to have to tell her to stop.  So, I grabbed the headboard and held on, as the feeling of dozens of tiny little knives lightly dragging over my cockhead, pervaded me.

Then, finally, I felt my abs start to contract, involuntarily.  My hips rolled and I knew that I would soon be edged.  Sweet relief was just moments away.  Or so I thought.

NW is a quick study and, obviously, reads my blog.  Having done so, she knew that my flexing was indicative of an impending edge.  So, rather than letting it happen, she lightened her touch, slowed her pace and made sure to just concentrate on my cockhead.  It worked.  She continued on for, at least, three more minutes.  I must have spent ten minutes subjected to this.  And I wasn’t sure that I would ever edge.  I did, eventually.  Thank God.  I was beginning to wonder, very seriously, if I was going to go insane…or fail, and have her stop.

Afterwards, I was so charged, that she could barely stroke me twice before I was on edge.  This, even after waiting for over a minute.  We called it there, lest there be an accident.

It’s Not Just For Teasing

NW is still dealing with her sex prohibiting issue.  So, I wasn’t able to give her any attention, last night.  That is a bit frustrating.  Of course, given the day that I had, I really wasn’t in the mood anyway.  Stress was the word of the day…and the diet…and the emotion.  It was a trying day that killed my libido and made me wish that I had a bottle of Valium.

So, when we got to last night, NW asked me if I wanted any attention.  I did!  But not to sate some sexual need.  I wanted it to overshadow all of the stress I was feeling.  In fact, earlier in the day, I had an interesting realization.  I was at work, stressed as hell, and the thought crossed my mind that an orgasm sure would relieve a lot of this stress.  I immediately knew that I did not need an orgasm  So, NW would not want to give me one, even though she would if I presented it as a good thing.  So, I pondered masturbating.  After all, I am not caged.

This is when the odd thing happened.  I visualized myself, cock in hand, stroking myself.  It seemed alien!  The idea of just pleasuring myself, not to mention bringing myself to orgasm, just seemed unusual and even…well…pointless, for lack of a better word.  To me!  I am the guy who, for decades, masturbated a hundred times a month, at least.  I have pleasured myself many times the number of sexual encounters with others that I have had.  Yet, here I was, thinking of masturbating, and it seemed an alien concept.

How?  I can only assume that it has been because of the past two months.  Since Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November, for those not in the US), I have only pleasured myself one time.  The was the day, just before Christmas (the last time I had an orgasm, matter of fact), when we were about to hit the road, for a very long drive, and I wanted an orgasm but knew that NW hadn’t the time.  Other than that one instance, all of my sexual pleasure has come via NW’s attentions.

The whole idea is kind of scary and, yet, kind of cool.  Not that masturbating wouldn’t feel good.  It just doesn’t seem to be on the menu.

Anyway, back to last night.  NW stroked me, sucked me and played with my balls.  She worked me for a good little while.  She edged me three or four times.  The edging didn’t really help to relieve the stress of the day.  It did, though, help get my mind off of it and help relieve the sexual stress that being played with caused.  In the end, though, the wonderful feelings of being stroked and sucked helped to unwind me.  In fact, if NW does it lightly and slowly enough, I can go to sleep that way.

Sexual stimulation, even devoid of orgasm, used to alleviate stress.  What a wonderful tool.

Thirty-six days and counting…