To Cage or Not To Cage

As I mentioned in the previous post, NW and I are back at the orgasm denial…at least for a bit.  It has been seven days since my last orgasm, after months of having six to fifteen a week.  So, in the spirit of that, we decided to cage me this morning.  We still have the too small ring, but it seems manageable when I am not sitting all day and can wear sweat pants or shorts.  By early evening, we removed the cage.

One reason was discomfort.  The bottom side of my scrotum had been irritated all day.  Upon removing it, NW confirmed that I was red and raw.  The ring is just too damned tight.  Keep in mind, I was heavily lubed the entire time.  That caused NW and me to have a discussion.  Is the cage really necessary?  Does it serve a valid purpose?  This is what we came up with…

Pros for the cage –

  1. Takes the burden off of me for having to be good and control myself.
  2. Is a constant physical reminder of the orgasm control/denial that I have yielded to NW.
  3. Lets NW know, without any doubt, that I have been a good boy and remained denied.
  4. Is visually appealing, naughty feeling and erotic.
  5. It makes her control about as real as it can get.

Cons for the cage-

  1. It limits NW’s access to my cock.  She loves my cock.  It gets annoying and defeats the purpose to constantly remove it.
  2. It limits the attention that NW can give me.  This works for us only when there is a healthy amount of physical play.  Without it, we crash hard.
  3. It lessens the need for me to submit to the orgasm control and denial.  I submit once (to the caging) and have my choice removed.
  4. With number three, it lessens my willful compliance.  Uncaged, I have to continually agree to behave.
  5. It is cumbersome, physically.
  6. It is difficult to hide.
  7. Most importantly, NW likes me out of it, for immediate access.

The verdict?  We don’t need it and, more times than not, prefer me out of it.  Will we ever use it again?  No doubt.  But I don’t think it will ever be the norm.

3 responses to “To Cage or Not To Cage

  1. Thank you, RA. It is good to be back at it.
    I agree. It is more challenging. And, honestly, I feel more emotionally involved. When caged, I am either ho-hum (this is the way it is) or frustrated. When not caged, I am engaged, and active in my own denial.

    BTW – I like the new blog. Cuckolding is still not my thing, but the OC/OD helps keep me revved up.

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