Still Kicking

My blogging cohort, Robert Anthony, sent me an email…just checking in.  Things have, obviously, been rather quiet.  Such is life, it seems.

With the kids back in school, extracurricular activities, work, honey-dos, and NW not being fully on her game, things have just been.  And that is okay.

There has been no orgasm control or denial going on, even though, I am not masturbating three times a day as I did before.  We are not having sex a dozen times a day.  We are running more like three or four times a week.

There has been no brutalizing of NW’s part, just some hard nipple tweaking and a bit of biting.

There have been no punches to the balls.  Although, we have found a wonderful new handjob technique.  NW will cup my balls with one hand and lift them up slightly.  With the other hand, she will, obviously, stroke me.  With every down stroke, she impacts my balls.  The impacts are light, at first.  They build, as she continues, until it starts to become uncomfortable.  It is usually around here that I start going over the edge.  She continues to impact my balls, at or slightly harder than the heaviest impacts, through my orgasm.  Such a wonderful sensation, even if not extreme.

Boy, could I use one of those right now!