Checking in…

It has been a rather quiet few days.  Last night was the first night that NW intentionally denied me.  Yes, we finally found some time, and energy, to play a bit.  Tonight we resumed.  Unfortunately, in her enthusiasm, NW carried it a tad too far and sent me over the edge.  It was ruined, of course.  It was still unwanted, and a let down, though.

Once more, just before bed, we played a little more.  This time we were more careful and made sure that no accidents occurred.  I am not sure what her plan is, as far as how long to deny me.  For that matter, I am not sure if she knows.  She tends to play it by ear.

I do know that she is in dire want/need of some rough sex and s&m.  We are still on hold until after the Dr. visit, though.  I guess this is her denial.  It will be here soon enough, though.  By mid-week, we will be in the clear and pain is in the forecast.  We are both looking forward to it.

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