Orgasm Denial and Testosterone Levels/Prostate Health

I have, as I am sure you have as well, seen/read many articles and blog posts concerning orgasm denial/chastity and its effects on prostate health and testosterone levels.  Both of these are rather important subjects to me.  As someone who is under the care of an endocrinologist, the impact of one hormone on another, including my testosterone levels and, by extension, DHT and estradiol levels, is extremely significant to me.  This treatment puts me at a higher risk for prostate issues.  Not only this, but I am a strength sport hobbyist.  Maintaining a strong testosterone level is a must, if I want to continue that pursuit.

The problem is, with all the information being tossed about, how do you know which one is correct?  And even if they are correct, is it correct for me?  Am I one of the exceptions to the rule?

I have spent hours and hours searching the web for relevant information.  Unfortunately, there is not a breadth of research into these areas.  To make it more difficult, any source that has an agenda must, necessarily, be discarded.  Again, unfortunately, agendas usually trump truth.

I have read that being denied/chaste will result in elevated testosterone levels.  Not only that, but that these levels are maintained!  But I have only seen this on sites revolving around kink (chastity/OD).  On just as many of these sites, if not more, I have read their espousals of the dampening effect that chastity/OD has on testosterone levels.  They drum on about how, in time, his testosterone levels will drop and he will become less combative, more compliant and such a good little boy.

My own experiences would seem to point, potentially, to both.  I do become more “compliant”, when denial has gone on for a period…though not “sub” compliant.  Just less aggressive and assertive.  This would seem to indicate that my testosterone levels are, indeed, lower.

That being said, my performance in the weight room improved, at least initially…about a week in.  That would make sense, though, given the only real study that kept being referred to during my internet searches.  This link is from a body building website.  It refers to the study I am referencing.  Since these guys are obsessed with testosterone levels, they are more likely to concern themselves with the truth of the matter.  Do note, the study only included 28 men.  So it is far from scientific in scope.

It pretty much sums up what I experienced.  I felt normal for about a week, give or take a day.  My athletic performance was the highest about a week in.  After that, my performance fell back to normal, or maybe even a bit lower.  That would coincide with their finding…normal testosterone levels for about a week, followed by a brief spike, then a drop.  That drop coincided with the drop in athletic performance, but, also, a drop in aggression and assertiveness, in general.

Of course, I am sure there are studies that contradict this, but I have not run across them.  Not to mention, everyone is different, to some degree.  Since I am interested in my levels staying high, though, until more conclusive research comes out, I will err on the side of caution.

The other side of this, for me, is prostate health, especially in my higher risk category.  It used to be believed that frequent ejaculation led to an increase in the risk of prostate cancer.  A study, involving 30,000 men, however, seems to have debunked that.

Another, with a far smaller sampling…

What does that mean to you?  Obviously, you have to decide.  For me, though, it is easy.  I am at a higher risk, so I want to take the safer route.  My questions are unanswered, though.  Do ruined orgasms count?  If not on the whole, what about a two to one ratio?  Three to one?  Ten to one?  Also, since I am not able to be properly milked, apparently, does the constant flow of precum count as anything?  If I leak two teaspoons (the average amount of an ejaculation) is that as good as an orgasm?  Does there actually need to be an orgasm, fully contracting?

I doubt these will be answered by the medical community anytime soon.

Also, for those interested in prostate health…

3 responses to “Orgasm Denial and Testosterone Levels/Prostate Health

  1. GoodH, remember that men with abnormally LOW T levels often express anger and even rage because of those levels. I’m also under the care of an endo, being treated for hypogonadism, and I’ve found being denied for months at a time has not had a significant effect either way on my T levels. My doctor says to ejac as often as I wish, it has no effect on T serum levels.

    I have found that eating sugar or protein have almost immediate depressive effects on my serum T level, though only for a few hours. That’s a much bigger effect than anything caused by being locked up.

    You didn’t say if you’re getting external T. I’ve not had good results with injections or with skin applications, but do like the results I’m getting with extract of Tongkat Ali. That herb from southeast Asia promotes more production of T, but it completely negated with medical external T applications.

    Regarding prostate health. There are herbs you can take to block the conversion of T into DHT, which seems to be the problem with prostate enlargement. Be sure to get regular PSA tests, of course.

    • Lefty…thanks for the comment.

      I agree, men with abnormally low T can experience anger. I think this is the male version of “moodiness”, frustration at how one feels aside, that is likely caused by them going over to estrogen dominance. When T levels get low enough, assuming E levels have not greatly diminished as well, men can become “estrogen dominant”, where the infulence of estrogen is out of proportion. Male PMS, if you will…but it can last more than a couple of days, if the T levels are not addressed. As men get older, they convert more T to E anyway…and more T to DHT.

      Protein? Really? I was aware the insulin spikes worked against T levels, but had never heard, or experienced protein doing that. hmmm

      My T levels have never been out of range, though lower than I would have liked. I, too, saw an increase with the use of supplements.. Alpha Male, from Biotest, to be specific. I tried yohimbe, at one point. I have no idea what it did to me T levels, but it made me horny as hell! The downside was that it made me jittery as hell…and even gave me an occasional palpitation.

      I take saw palmetto, for my prostate, as well as Arimedex, to keep my E2 (estrogen) in check. Aside from that, I am doing well. And, yes, whenever I get TSH and T4 checked, I have them check PSA as well. You can never be too safe!

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