Such a Small World

A few days ago I received a comment from Mrs D (Mrs Discontented), at  If you haven’t been to her blog, go!  It is a fun and sexy read, to say the least.  Her writing style makes everything seem lighthearted, easy-going and just a fun time.  You almost forget the seriousness and intensity of what is being conveyed.  It is unmistakable, though…and yummy.

The reason for the post title, though, is that, reading through her blog, I realized that she knows Mykey, at  Mykey and I used to e-mail, regularly, back when I had my first blog, three years ago.  The fact that two folks that I have met through my blog(s), each having their own blog and who have actually played together (see their blogs), just made the world seem really small to me.  It is really cool to think that it is not all just ones and zeroes flowing across copper and fiber.  But can, indeed, be sense and sensation passing from flesh to flesh.

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