The Horrible, Wonderful Levelling

Not surprisingly, the orgasms that I have enjoyed, Friday night and yesterday, have curbed my libido.  I am in no way devoid of arousal, mind you.  It is just that I am not constantly thinking about sex and sensation.

To some, this might seem a bad thing.  To me, it is very good.  I can think again.  I am not hindered by my constant want, generating ceaseless thoughts of sex.  I can concentrate on other things.  I can do whatever I please, without having to plot and plan how I can steal five minutes here, and thirty minutes there, so that I can feed the beast that denial creates.

What does NW think of this?  I am sure that it is mildly frustrating, when her libido is still through the roof.  Fortunately, we tend to ebb and flow together.  Not always, but usually…  Her libido has fallen, to a degree, as well.  That is fortunate for both of us. 

But do we miss it?  Sure.  But I missed being able to function in everyday life without having to struggle.  Work, for the previous three and a half weeks had sucked.  Between the peaked arousal and frequent conversings with NW, I could hardly concentrate on what I needed to do.  So, this is a welcome reprieve.

No matter, the denial will likely start back up tomorrow.  The cycle will begin anew. 

Also, for those keeping track, my balls still ache, from the CBT.  It is not anything bad, but definitely still there.  I guess she pounded them harder than I thought, considering that it has been over 40 hours, and two nights of sleep, since the last punch.  The evidence remains.

2 responses to “The Horrible, Wonderful Levelling

    • You couldn’t see anything on me. My scrotum had only one small bruise…a tad larger than a BB…and I am pretty sure that was from pinch. The pain was testicular., not scrotal, so no marks. That’s one of the reasons I liked the punching. I prefer testicular/deeper pain to scrotal/superficial pain.
      The only thing that even I noticed was that my balls were swollen. But NW and I only know that because we see them every day. Without a good photo for reference, no one else would know that they were swollen.

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