NW’s Revenge – Part Deux

As the title implies, last night’s CBT did not stop there.  After a late morning start, we did get to bed rather late, we ran around doing stuff with the kids, running to the store and grabbing something to eat.

After we settled back in, and lunch settled, NW suggested that we retire to the bedroom for a few minutes.  I knew what she wanted.  She had reservations about stating it, though, as she was still concerned about my physical well-being, after the previous night’s beating.

I, craving it rather badly, assured her that it would be okay.  It started, like the night before, with squeezing, slapping, hitting with the back of her hand, mixed with sucking and stroking.  My balls were no longer aching, from the night before.  They were still sensitive to attention though.  Over the next fifteen minutes she punched my balls, comforted them, and me, and punched them again.  Fifteen punches in all.  Time and again, I balled up and rode out the pain, only to open myself back up to her.

For some reason, my left testicle seemed to bear the brunt of the trauma.  It reached a point where touching it, with any force at all, was painful.  This was before the final punch.  I was in constant pain, though bearable.  She asked for one more.  That worked well, since that is exactly what I was thinking.  She positioned herself between my legs, gripped me with her left hand and delivered the blow with her right.  Despite trying to hit them equally, it felt as if all of the force landed on the left…again.  I, immediately, balled up, cursed, flung a pillow off the bed and lay there, trying to eat the pain.  It was intense, and immense, but oh so delicious.

Even now, as I type this, my balls are aching and pulsing.  Oddly enough, my right testicle is hurting more than my left.

Okay…we interrupt this post for a live update.  NW just came by my chair (the kids are elsewhere) and punched my aching balls twice more.  Then she added some squeezing.  These were not as hard as before, but don’t need to be.  We are discussing doing this every thirty to forty-five minutes, to make sure that my balls ache throughout today and tonight, if not into tomorrow.  Now, back to your scheduled post.

All of this has added an interesting twist to the orgasm denial.  NW stated, last night, that she wanted me to have an orgasm.  She would have given me one, except that, after all of the CBT, I couldn’t get fully erect without cumming, long before.  She didn’t want me to orgasm unless I was fully erect, so that it could be as intense as possible.  Since she was/is so into the CBT, I reminded her that it took me three weeks of denial to get me to a point that I could enjoy it at this level.  If she made me orgasm, there is no guarantee that I would want the CBT, let alone endure it.

What seemed to be driving her want of my orgasm, though, is a longing for intercourse.  We can have it now, but I get to the edge far too quickly.  Her plan was to make me orgasm, a couple of times, and that should allow me to stay longer.  Also, being allowed to orgasm during intercourse would allow me to keep going.

Since she had planned on getting me there, anyway, once this weekend arrived (she has planned this for a week and a half), it all seemed to fall into place.  My touchiness saved the denial for last night.  I have no idea about tonight, though.  Will her want of keeping me this aroused, and indulging in the CBT, override her want of giving me a wonderful orgasm and having prolonged intercourse?  I have no clue.  I am not sure that she does.  I think she is now playing it as it goes.

In the meantime, I will just sit here, ache, await the next ballbusting and wonder.

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