Little Milestones

After yesterday’s novel, perhaps something not so cumbersome to read. 

Today marks a few milestones.  They are nothing earth-shattering, but worth noting…to me.

  • This morning’s lack of orgasm brought us to the century mark.  I have now been denied (given to NW) 100 orgasms, since we started this, thirty-six days ago.
  • Today is day nine, since my last orgasm.  This is the longest, by one day, that NW has denied me.  Yes, I did go twenty-eight days, a few years ago.  But I was driving that, not NW.  So, this is the pertinent count.
  • Today is the eighteenth day, out of July’s twenty-one, that I have not had an orgasm.  Considering that, prior to this, I would have had multiple orgasms, every one of those days, it is worth mentioning.
  • To carry the previous bullet further, I have not had an orgasm on twenty-seven of the last thirty-six days.  One of the nine, where I did have an orgasm, was a ruined orgasm.  I edged myself too far and just let it ruin, rather than give myself a full one.  This was in June.
  • Today is three weeks since I last self-pleasured…masturbation, edging, even fondling for pleasure.  That all belongs to NW, now.

Little milestones, but big steps for us.

4 responses to “Little Milestones

  1. You’re in a Steelworxx device, right? Would you still not be pleasuring yourself if you weren’t in it? That is, do you have sufficient self-control to keep your hands off? I know *I* don’t after a few weeks.

  2. Good question. I guess I should have updated this, but my head has been elsewhere.
    The 47mm ring, on the Crossfire, is too small. I can wear the device, when at home, wearing loose pants/shorts, while commando and not sitting for too long (hours). I did manage it, at work, for 2 1/3 days. I was in constant discomfort, though. In fact, after I last took it off, I was sore, where the ring is, for over a day. So, until we can get a new ring (which requires the time and expense of sending it all back to Dietmar), I only wear it in the evening and on weekends. Even then, I am out of it for workouts and if I am doing something where I am physically interacting with the kids (like swimming). I can’t even sleep in it, because the night time erections are more than painful.

    So, the simple answer is, I am not caged when I would normally masturbate…1st thing in the morning, as soon as I get home from work and right before bed.

    For us, the Crossfire is not a necessity, but does add a dimension. We both like me wearing it when away from home. Just the naughty factor.

    But your last sentence makes a good point. I am only on day 9. I have not been “weeks” without…yet. IF things play out, like I think they will, I will be somewhere over 17 days, before I get another orgasm. I will be able to respond better then…lol.

  3. It’s one of those things where I *want* to be strong and respect the rules (whether or not she’s given me permission to play with it), but I’m just too fucking horny all the time. I don’t even think about it and by the time I’m aware of what’s happening, I have a hand around it and it’s all hard. I’ve even woken up from jacking myself off in my sleep. Perhaps it’s that I’m weak, but a lot of it is instinct. It’s one of the reasons I like to be locked up. Free meat is just too damned distracting.

    Anyway, 47mm is too small? That’s waaaay bigger than mine. Seriously, it’d totally fall of me. How big do you think you need?

    • Honestly, I have a great advantage…NW’s love of my cock. I think that being denied stimulation would send me to the edge quickly. Since I have yet to have a day where I wasn’t teased, I am, realistically, only fighting half the battle. Sure, I am not getting to orgasm, but I am getting very close, day after day.

      That teasing provides a degree of relief, though not release. Without that, I would be in a very similar state. But I don’t think it weakness. Males are programmed to have their parts stimulated. Watch any male child long enough and you will see him reach for his favorite toy. I saw it with mine. The penis starts getting stimulated at a very young age and continues on throughout life. Failing to overcome that, is failing to overcome your very nature. So failing short, time to time is not, in my mind, weakness. Things happen and we react instinctively.

      I am posting about the sizing right now.. I am thinking 52mm, since the 2″ (50.8mm) CB ring I had was extremely painful when I got erect (sharp pain, dark purple scrotum, veiny, the whole bit). A little more play would be nice. not to avoid all discomfort, but just to make it bearable.

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