Giving Credit

Totally not about chastity, male chastity, orgasm denial or anything of the like.  I would like to thank Robert Anthony, at Chastity & Femdom, and Thumper, at Denying Thumper, for helping inspire much of what is posted here, for sharing their experiences/thoughts, with their own blogs and for being responsible for most of the traffic that hits this blog.

When Robert Anthony linked to my blog, traffic more than doubled.  When Thumper linked it, the traffic, that day, almost doubled the previous high.  Definitely worth a “thank you”!

Not to mention, I have derived many of my posts from having read through their blogs.  At times, it seems that Robert Anthony and I are feeding off of one another.  They have helped, not only, with the topics, but with my own musings and exploration of this particular kink/lifestyle.

But, most importantly, they are both, likable and, seemingly, sane, in the pursuit of their own unique brands of happiness.  The blogs are both very good reads.  Differing styles and differing personalities, but that makes it all the better.

Thank you, gents!

8 responses to “Giving Credit

    • Lol…I wondered which one of you would catch that first.

      That was, of course, in jest. Just to be clear…

  1. Thanks GH, you in turn have given me plenty of ideas for my own blog as I’m sure you know! I’m going to be off the air until Saturday night or Sunday now so you’ll have to cover for me… I know you’re more than up to the job. And fucking hell you weren’t joking about your girth were you!

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