Shock and Awe – Part 2

Since having written part one of this, NW has teased me twice more.  She is on a roll.  Of course, the fact that she is constantly horny probably isn’t hurting.  Much to my delight, she is very much feeling the want to deny me.  It’s a win-win.

Back to the thirty-six hours that these posts are actually about.  The session that focused on NW’s pain and submission was by far the most intense of them all.  During all eight of them, however, I was teased mercilessly.  These encounters occurred at all hours…first thing in the morning, midday, evening and even at two o’clock in the morning.  We have both been so wound up that, if either one of us even caresses the other, something is going to happen.

She teased me with stroking, sucking, licking, squeezing, riding, twisting, pulling and every other variation that you can imagine.  More than a couple of sessions, she had me so edged that she almost had to stop teasing me, as any more than two strokes, or a tight squeeze to the head of my cock, and I would have exploded.  She is really learning how to hold me at the edge, prolong my suffering, without causing me to lose it.  Sometimes, though, the build-up becomes so great as to be prohibitive.

A highlight for me, and her, it turns out, was a conversation that we had this morning, during the session.  She was lightly slapping my balls and I encouraged her to do it a bit harder.  She said that she didn’t want to, yet.  I conveyed that I was okay with that, because it would be a few more days of denial before I was really craving it.  She said that she knew that, and that she didn’t want to start it before then because we could only do it, safely, for a few days straight.  My balls cinched and I let out a pleasured moan at hearing this.  I knew that it meant that she was going to deny me for a few more days, until I was craving the CBT, and then, at least, the number of days that she planned to hurt me.  I know this because my want of CBT will diminish, once I get release.  So for what she seemed to be planning, it would all have to be in denial.  She knew why I had let slip that moan of pleasure and it turned her on as well.  Hooray for denial!!  ( I think)

This led to a conversation, later in the day, about the length of denial.  We have company coming, later this week.  Just speaking my mind to her, I said that I had hoped that she would, at least, deny me until Friday.  Then, if she was going to make me cum, that it would be Friday night.  She is not bound to any of my wants concerning my caging and orgasms, but I like, and she encourages me, to express what I am thinking.  I also expressed that, if she has not decided to make me cum by then, assuming that the stress of work, company and denial does not push me into a funk, I would really liked to be denied until our company has left.  She seemed to have been thinking along similar lines. 

Five days might quickly turn into seventeen, or more.  I have to admit, the idea is daunting and thrilling, both at the same time.  The only thing that I know for certain is that the decision will be made by NW.  So we shall see.

3 responses to “Shock and Awe – Part 2

  1. You guys sure do have one hell of an active sex life! Quite incredible really, and to be honest if I hadn’t spoken to you privately I would probably think you were full of shit. I hope you appreciate what you have Good Hubby, there’s plenty out there who would kill for a quarter of what you have!

    • It’s funny, but I have often thought that exact same thing, even though I have lived it!
      As it is, my starting this blog coincides with a rather acive time, sexually, in our lives. I am sure that it is fed by many things…the chastity play (and, hence, my skyrocketing arousal levels), the fact that NW is nearly, biologically, at her sexual peak, the blog itself, even.

      What you don’t get in the blog are the dry spells we have endured over the years. In fact, during one of the pregnancies, and the time immediately following, you could count, on one hand, the number of times that NW and I had sex during an entire year. The hormones had completely decimated any sex drive that she had.

      To be honest, though, NW has always, hormonal imbalances aside, had the higher sex drive. I masturbated a lot more than her, but much of that was stress relief and/or habit. She has always wanted more sex than I have. The chastity play has just left me in a state of near constant want, of which she is taking full advantage.

  2. That’s strangely comforting, hahaha. I would hate to think someone else was having that much sex all the time!

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