Shock and Awe – Part 1

I am not sure how else to describe the thirty-six hour period from 8:00 Friday night till 8:00 Sunday morning.  During that timeframe, we had sex eight separate times.  During every session, I was subjected to (read: gifted) lengthy tease and denial.  It was continually reaffirmed that there would be no orgasm for me.  I leaked pre-cum in great quantities.  And for all of my denied orgasms, NW had many.

I will spare you all of the details, lest this be a novel.  A few highlights, though…

Annihilating NW was the goal of last night.  We entered the bedroom and NW got her key.  She was going to release me, as she does every time we have sex.  This time, however, I told her to wait.  It is her decision whether or not to uncage me, and she had made that decision.  I decided that it needed to wait a few minutes, though.  I needed to get NW in the proper mood for what was coming, and it required limited access to me.

We lay back on the bed and I told her to pleasure my balls.  Lick them, suck them, bathe them and, in general, make love to them  She complied.  Initially, she was a bit annoyed with this, as she wanted my cock.  As I emphasized what she was to do, however, she started to lose herself in the task.  Once I began tweaking her nipples, hard, she started to slide into the submission that she craves.  She continued to love my balls and I continued to hurt her nipples.  The time had come.  She had slid into submission and was now craving pain.

I told her to lay on her stomach, went and retrieved the flogger, and began to lightly flog her.  I flogged her from the base of her neck to her knees, then back up again.  Over and over I did this, each pass with more force.  Her back started to redden.  Her body started to writhe.  He ass lifted, in longing of the pain.  I gave it to her, flogging her exposed asshole.  She pushed back, exposing her wanting pussy.  I flogged it. 

Eventually, the continuing flogger falls, on her ass and pussy, sent her over the edge.  This is when I flogged her the hardest.  I was flogging her with nearly all of my might.  He body jerked and writhed, as she travelled through pain pierced orgasm.  Over and over we repeated this, with me easing off as her orgasms subsided.

I had her sit back on her feet.  Hands behind her head, I flogged her breasts.  Orgasm after orgasm, as she jerked and thought of pulling away.  But she never did.  At one point I attached alligator clips (yes, you read that right) to her nipples.  She winced hard.  So I started rubbing her clit, to let her focus drift elsewhere.  As she neared orgasm, I withdrew my hand and replaced it with the flogger.  As she orgasmed again, I flogged her open pussy harder than I ever had.  When it subsided, I lessened the blows, until another orgasm erupted.  Then the strokes became mercilessly hard again.

She was drifting, spacey, gasping and, almost, delirious.  I removed the alligator clips from her nipples.  She didn’t react.  She always reacts to this, as it hurts her more than putting them on.  Now, however, she was so far removed (sub-space), that she didn’t even notice them being removed.  I thought this a good place to stop.  She was drunk with the endorphins.  She said that every nerve ending in her body was a firework.  It must have been true, as her next orgasm rose from me dragging my fingernails up her back.

We lay there for a moment, then she freed my cock and moved between my legs.  Licking, stroking, then sucking me into her mouth.  I forced her mouth down onto my cock.  It bent back and forced its way into her throat.  Her teeth cut into me.  And she erupted, again, just from choking on my cock.

I was teased, denied and edged ruthlessly.  By the end, I was so edged that any more than two strokes would have sent me over the edge.  I was happy to be denied, as I continued to give her the orgasms that were tarrying in the head of my cock.

In all, I had tormented her for nearly 35 minutes.  She had tormented me for almost as many.  We were both heady and intoxicated from our own experiences.  It was, with a doubt, one of the most intense sessions we have ever shared.

5 responses to “Shock and Awe – Part 1

    • I have to agree. I was straining against my cage and oozing by the time I finished writing it. If you think reading it was hot, you should have been there! I need to video this stuff…lol.

      • Having read your blog, and keeping up with it, I can believe that. I, on the other hand, do not really enjoy pain outside of CBT. But I definitely love dispensing it. But only because she loves it. I am not truly sadistic enough to want to hurt someone just to cause pain. And it took me a long time to get to a point where I was comfortable doing this to her.

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