Into Day 2…3

We have begun day two of caging, during the day.  As you recall, the cage was removed once I arrived home, yesterday, so that I could workout, without banging or pinching myself.  Today has started just as yesterday.  GH gets out of bed…cock goes into the cage…GH, cock and cage go to work.

I wore a slightly looser pair of pants, today.  So far, it is making a positive difference.  When I sit, everything is still pushed into my body.  It is not being pushed as hard, or far, with the looser pants, however.  Couple that with my having actually brought lube, to keep things sliding, and the discomfort, so far, is much less.

It is, also, day three of being denied.  Honestly, it feels like day one.  I have had zero libido for the past two days.  As fate would have it, as rare as it is, NW’s libido has been low as well.  So there has been no big loss.  I did give her a few orgasms, manually, last night.  In part because of what libido she did have.  Just as much, though, because the orgasms help relieve the horrendous cramps she gets when on her period.  Such a good hubby…

My libido seems to have recovered, today, though.  I woke up horny, wanted a wank that I did not give myself, and am still rather buzzing with low arousal.  But I have no idea when I might get release.  Frankly, I hope that it is, at least, a few more days.  With NW, however, there is never any telling.  It might be tonight.  It might be in two weeks.  In the end, it will be when it tickles her fancy.

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