As She Willed It

Yesterday was my third day of denial, since the marathon on Saturday.  I was feeling good.  The arousal was there, as was a bit of frustration.  I had really wanted to touch myself, during the morning, while getting ready for work.  I abstained, however.  The feelings I get, when being denied orgasms are as good, though different, than actually having an orgasm.  It is, obviously, not as intense, but it is long-lived, since it never goes away.

We went into our evening session with me expecting to be denied.  After all, I am enjoying it.  Why would she give me an orgasm if I was enjoying not having one?  Simple…  To exercise her control.  And that is exactly what she did.

During or time together, I rolled her onto her back and mounted her.  Missionary is not the best position for her, or me, but it is that one in which I can last the longest.  She and I went to it.  The problem was, I was too close to the edge to thrust into her with great force or with long strokes.  I had to stop several times.  She finally told me that I was going to have an orgasm one way or another.  So I might as well get after it and fuck her hard.  So I did.

Fortunately, her orgasm started before mine.  A few seconds later, I went off, but was able to, reasonably, keep my rhythm while I came.  Her orgasm continued on, past the end of mine.  Then she had another short one.   The deed was done.  It was somewhat interesting because intercourse is my least favorite way to reach orgasm.  And while I could have chosen to hold off, and have her do it another way, I preferred her to reach hers as she liked.  So I took one for the team, so to speak.  Of course, even prior to our doing this play, I would sometimes do the exact same thing, if I was close and she still wanted it.

I rolled off and gave her a few more, manually, to make sure that she had gotten enough to take the edge off of her.  Since it was obvious that the two she had, during intercourse, were not enough.

This was a first.  She had never before given me an orgasm that I didn’t want.  I had mixed feelings about it.  I was thrilled that she had exercised her control and made a decision that emphasized the control that I have given to her.  At the same time, I was sad to see the denial end at the end of just the third day.  She told me, however, that I would be denied for, at least, a few days after this.  Her monthly friend is about to visit and she has decided that, if she is “out of commission” (we normally don’t have penetrative sex during her period…her choice), then I should be as well.  Doesn’t that sound delicious!

So we are back to day one.

Also, today marks exactly two weeks (not counting the marathon day) since I have masturbated, edged myself or even played with myself.  That is not a big deal to some.  Given my normal rate of masturbation, however (prior to all of this), I have yielded to her approximately 45 orgasms that I would have otherwise had.  I am surprised at how easily I have done this.  And I have managed it even though she has given me permission to masturbate, at will, on the mornings of Monday through Thursday.  It is just too much fun denying myself and letting her have total control over that.  I wonder how long it will take for that to become habit.

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