My Denial, Her Pleasure

Yesterday, while conversing with NW, we reaffirmed that the chastity play is all of the control that she desires.  I threw out several ideas and options, and she had no interest in any of them.  Although, depending on how things progress, I do have one little thing that I think will interest her.  That is, assuming that I can come to terms with it.  It is truly a small thing, and would infrequently come into play, but, psychologically, not so much so.

All of this talk about what she wants, though, got her rather worked up and she, eventually, said that what she really wanted was for me to come home, throw her down on the bed and fuck her.  Oh, the suffering I have to endure to please her.

When I arrived, I took her back to the bedroom and had her undress me.  We climbed on the bed and she immediately went for my cock.  She definitely has a love affair with it.  She craves it and would gladly spend hours sucking, stroking and teasing it.  Well, until she wants it inside of her.

After a bit, much to her chagrin, I pushed her onto her back and began orally pleasing her.  After a few minutes of moderate work, she was edged.  I left her there, so wanting the orgasm that was but a couple of sucks, or tongue strokes, away.

She began working me again and in no time had me erect.  The real fun started here.  I rolled off the bed and pulled her to the edge, where she was on all fours.  Into the abyss I went.  She moaned, tensed and swooned (Yes, I used the word “swooned”.).   She came almost immediately.  I began thrusting into her pussy with increasing force, until she came again…then again.  Not wanting to get near the edge yet, I stopped and held inside her.  Then spat just above her asshole, so that there would be some sort, however poor, of lube present for the next phase.

Withdrawing from her warm, soaking pussy, I pressed the head of my cock against her pucker and, in one thrust, sank fully into her ass.  She came immediately.  NW loves anal sex.  While my length is not likely to make Peter North nervous, I am rather thick, at just over 6″ in circumference.  The girth sends streams of pleasure through her pussy, as it stretches her.  In her ass, though, it sends jets of discomfort, sometimes pain, that quickly translate into pleasure, if she is even remotely aroused.

I had to stop, several times, so that I didn’t reach orgasm.  I was already aroused, but the tightness of her ass was just magnifying.  Still, she had multiple orgasms from my pounding into her ass with great force, as she launched herself backwards, into my hips, in almost desperation.  She was definitely hungry for it.  I grabbed her hair and used it to pull her back into me.  I grasped both hips.  I fucked her ass as hard, deep and long as I could.  Not being able to cum, though, it was sporadic.

After a few orgasms, I asked her if she was ready to squirt.  She grunted, as she was mid orgasm when I asked her.  Reaching up, I grabbed her throat and gave it a mild squeeze.  Her body locked and I was forced to withdraw, as I had about sent myself over the edge.  When I withdrew, she erupted with a pressurized jet, straight onto the floor.  A couple more orgasms and we were done.

Later that evening, at bed time, we fooled around again.  After getting me all nice and edged, and, of course, having a few orgasms herself, via oral, NW told me to fuck her again.  I told her that I was too close to the edge and that I would cum.  She didn’t care, and as it turns out, had planned on me getting there anyway.  She knew that I didn’t want to cum, but the intercourse was more important.  She said she wanted me to fuck her.  If I could do it without cumming, then I was welcome to do so.  Mind you, I didn’t have to fuck her.  That is my choice.  As I love bringing her pleasure, though, there was no way that I wasn’t going to.

Well, I managed it.  There were lots of stops and starts.  Several times I had to withdraw, but provided manual stimulation when absent from her pussy.  She had several orgasms and we were both satisfied.  Her, because she had gotten the intercourse that she was craving.  Me, because she had allowed me to stay denied.

Off to sleep we went.  NW was thoroughly satisfied, for a few minutes.  I was feeling the wonders of just two days of denial.  The build-up is wonderful!

3 responses to “My Denial, Her Pleasure

  1. When I first read this I thought 6″ dia, that’s fucking huge, but it isn’t… well, it’s quite huge, but not as huge as I thought. How the hell she takes that in her ass without lube I have no idea…

  2. Lol…6″ diameter would be enormous. I can’t imagine anyone taking something that large, though I have seen videos that would indicate otherwise.
    Given the 6″ CIRCUMFERENCE (lol), NW is only the 2nd woman to let me enjoy anal with her. And, honestly, were she not into the discomfort (pain, when we haven’t done it in a while) she probably wouldn’t.

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