Poll – Number of Orgasms Experienced

Okay.  I think this thing is working.  It is my first attempt at a poll.  We shall see.

This poll is a variation of the one posted on Robert Anthony’s blog.  In his poll, he asks how many times can you reach full orgasm, in a day.  Ruined orgasms do not count and it assumes that you are permitted to orgasm as often as you can…no restrictions (for the chastity crew).

In my poll, I am looking for how many orgasms you have experienced, in a single day, from the time you woke up until you went back to bed.  Likewise, ruined orgasms do not count. The manner in which you reached them is unimportant (masturbation, intercourse, manual, oral, anal, toys, feeding the cat, whatever…) And this day may be yesterday, or a day twenty years ago.  I am just looking for the absolute maximum, for a single day, at any point during your life

Also, for those who are capable of multiple orgasms.  Assuming you were able to discern the number of individual orgasms that comprised the multiple, count them separately.

The poll is at the bottom of the sidebar.


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