Four Down and Some to Go…I Think

Well, four days of denial are now in the books.  So, Robert Anthony can stopping picking at me about my paltry three.  Just typing that makes me smile.  The fact that there are folks I can joke with, and engage in lighthearted ribbing with, around a subject that would near horrify many.  Not to mention, finding those who are willing to share.  So that I can, not only share in their experience, but get an idea/taste of how similarly, and differently, other folks feel, act, want, crave and get on with things.

As the title states, it has now been four days since my last orgasm.  Guesstimated orgasm transfer to NW is fifteen to twenty.  And, surprisingly, it has been easy.  Yes, I know, it has only been four days.  I won’t retread the ground already covered as to why such short periods carry such weight to me.  I will say, however, that right now, what is causing me the most stress is not the lack of orgasms, but the near fear that NW is going to give me release in the next day or two.

The choice is hers, per our agreement, but I am not ready for release.  I am truly relishing being denied.  And I seem to be getting enough “satisfaction” from giving her orgasms, and being edged, to keep my want of denial well above my want of release.  That is always subject to change, mind you, especially as the work week kicks off.  (Work is just too stressful at times!)  Right now, though, I am revelling in the low, constant arousal, the physical frustration of dozens of near releases.  The only true frustration is that I cannot continually ride that edge, even during t&d.

NW seems to be able to get well on towards orgasm and linger a bit below.  She has a zone that she can exist in, where she lingers in a state of building orgasm, but she doesn’t ever actually go over, unless I intend her to.  Once my orgasm starts building, however, I am like a train, at full throttle, without any brakes.  Don’t misunderstand me.  It feels great.    Once I reach a point where I am moaning and it becomes intense, though, she soon has to stop, briefly.  I can’t hold it there.  If only I could learn to do that!

For what it is worth, NW had sixty-eight orgasms, yesterday.  Find that hard to believe?  I wish that I could show you video of it and you would see how easily they add up.  Maybe in time.  But for now, all I can say is that this number is expressive not only of solo orgasms, but my attempting to count separate orgasms in a multiple orgasm.  It is not easy to count this while being an active participant, but I find that trying to do so helps keep my mind somewhat distracted and, therefore, an “accident” less likely.  In the future, I think I will count multiple orgasms as one.  The numbers will still be high, but it won’t be contingent upon my being able to discern the waning of one orgasm and the waxing of another.  Even so, she topped 50, if I count multiples and singles.  Of course, we did have a nearly one and a half hour session, last night.

Honestly, I find that number rather frightening.  On a busy week, between sex and masturbation, I can’t imagine that she hasn’t topped 200, maybe 250, orgasms.  The mere thought makes my poor cock want to wilt and die.  She does it so easily, however.

11 responses to “Four Down and Some to Go…I Think

      • I haven’t looked at his site lately but I know ‘The Naked Husband’ was well over 50 days recently and talking about a year…. seems a hell of a jump to me. But then if you’ve already done 50 days and you want to do a year maybe it seems a bit daft to start over. What do you think? I really don’t think I’d want to do a year… but then again, maybe I would…

      • I don’t think I will ever want a year. And I am pretty sure that NW would never let me get close to that, unless everyday was unicorns and rainbows because of it.
        I have often lamented that I do not have endless, human lifetimes to live, so that I could explore certain things without forever sacrificing others.
        I was perusing alt personals, years ago, and read a profile of an attractive woman who wanted a slave to deny orgasm to and “possibly remove your need to ever have an orgasm again.” That statement made me rock hard, instantly. I had never heard of such. To this day, though, the mere thought of denial, till death, winds me up to no end. But it is not a reality I am willing to even try. Even a year! I just don’t know. For now, I will be content dreaming of those last two days I fell short of a month. Maybe one day.

    • You know, I am not sure how to explain her. When she read the post, she said, “No one is going to believe that”. And it seems unbelievable, I admit.
      I assure you, however, that I am in no way embellishing. It is the damnedest thing I have ever seen.
      Once she starts having orgasms, they just keep coming (no pun intended). She never seems to suffer a drop-off of want or ability to have another. And she stays so sensitive, and close to another, that it takes virtually no effort.
      It is not like I am some sex god. Granted, I know her well, and that helps, but she is just wired to orgasm.
      And yes, I think, from personal experience, and from what I have heard from others, that there is NOTHING normal about her ability to have orgasms. If you are going to have a “specialty”, though, I can’t think of a better one to have!

      • Absolutely! She likes to be teased and denied, for very short periods, more for control than denial and build-up. But if I could orgasm like that…all bets are off and I might rarely leave the house!

  1. I didn’t believe it when GH said he counted yesterday. I mean, I know I am easy to get there, but nobody could possibly be THAT easy, right? But really, I just, once I hit orgasm, as long as there is stimulation, never completely stop. It’s not like an orgasm and done, then another, then another etc. It’s more like then down half or 3/4, then back up and over and over. Then there are the true multiples, where there’s no down, just peak after peak until I either pass out or beg him to stop.

    I guess if I have to be a mutant, I can deal with this as my super power.

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