Delicious Little Ironies

A couple of things have played out over the past few weeks.  I find them rather cool, although they might be boring to you.  Despite that, I thought I would share, in case someone finds such little things as fun as I do.

The first occurrence was on Father’s Day.  We don’t make a big deal of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, despite having multiple little ones.  As a rule, we do not spend money on them.  We just have the kids make cards, help around the house, do a special dinner, maybe breakfast in bed, etc…  This past Father’s Day was no different, with one exception.  We did spend money.  It was on Father’s Day that we ordered the Steelworxx.  I found it rather ironic that, on the day that we celebrate my being a father, and hence, my having not only  “put the wood” to NW, but deposited my load in her and embraced the ultimate reason for sex, we would order a device intended to prevent me from doing any of that.

The second event was our anniversary.  The celebration of the day when NW and I got married and when couples “consummate” their relationships (wedding night…and, no, we had consummated our relationship long before that).  How did I spend my celebration of our union?  Denied for the duration and caged from the moment I got home from work, until I went to bed.  Delicious…

Earth shattering events?  No.  But just little things that tease the mind and add spice to it all.

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