My Favorite Kink

I was reading a post on Robert Anthony’s blog (, where he discusses the fact that individual taste, and tolerance, for various kinks, vary greatly.  Someone who enjoys wearing women’s undergarments might be repulsed by watersports…and the opposite.  This caused me to ponder my own “kinks”.  I am not talking about my fantasies, as that is a whole other post, if not blog.  But what do I actually do and enjoy that is not “vanilla”.

Unfortunately, “vanilla” is a rather ambiguous word in itself.  I know folks for whom “vanilla” means sexual intercourse…period.  I am not quite so pigeon-holed.  “Vanilla”, to me, is anything that we do which doesn’t bump the naughty meter.  In that category would fall vaginal sex (position is irrelevant), anal sex, oral sex, using dildos/vibrators/etc…, light spanking, tickling…you get the idea.   Kink would be bondage, moderate to heavy S&M (clamps, clips, canes, crops, floggers, paddles, belts, wax), D/s, chastity devices, orgasm denial, breath play, needle play, watersports, etc…

I guess there are two approaches here.  One is which kink I most enjoying giving.  The other is which one I most enjoy receiving.

As to the former, it is really hard to say.  What I most enjoy doing to NW depends on how she is reacting to what I am doing.  When she is into it, doing one of many things will get me hard as a rock and leaking  precum all over the place.  Just tying her down can wind her up, but it is only mildly arousing to me.  That is, unless she is being bound in order to lock her in place for some other activity.

If I had to pick one kink, though, it would be S&M.  She gets so wound up, cums so hard and “spaces” so well.  Seeing her hit her limit and try her damnedest to push past it.  Hurting so bad (a hell of a lot more than I would ever even consider trying), but soaking it up and asking, sometimes begging, for more.  All the lovely redness and marks that are left behind, from our play.  I am getting aroused just writing this.

I especially love it when she is on all fours and I turn my attention to her pussy.  Each stroke hurts like hell.  She will often recoil, especially as it builds.  Then it hits her, and she starts pushing back, exposing her pussy more and offering it up for more attention.  How can one not find that orgasmically hot!?

I suppose that her submission would have to be a very close second, though.  Not slave like submission, just the opening of herself to me and yielding to my desires.  For instance, last night, I was working out (at home) and she was in there with me.  She was laying on the floor, 3/4 on her stomach, and her ass was exposed.  I walked over, rubbed her cheeks and she responded by closing her eyes and letting out a low moan.  I wet my middle finger, in my mouth, and started rubbing her asshole.  She responded well, so I inserted my finger about an inch and started wiggling it around.  A minute or so later, she was having an orgasm.  I then started thrusting my finger in and out, and she had two more.  Then it was back to the workout.  Sticking my finger in her ass was not kinky to me.  The fact that she simply yielded to it, though, was hot as hell.

For my part, believe it or not, chastity/orgasm denial does not top the list.  It is near the top, but CBT is king.  Usually, my want of CBT comes in three different flavors.  Number one is simply wanting additional stimulation.  Maybe I am being stroked, or sucked, and I want mild or moderate CBT, usually in the form of squeezing or slapping, to add to the stimulation.  Number two is simply wanting to hurt.  I just get in the mood and I want to have my balls hurt.  You know, like an ice cream craving that hits you.  Maybe it is to feed my need for something non-vanilla.  The third flavor emerges when I am being denied, and is most common when I am caged.  In the absence of proper stimulation (stroking, sucking, riding), CBT provides an alternative stimulation to fill the gap.  To reach that end, though, it needs to be rather extreme/harsh.  After all, it is not the same type of stimulation.

The forms of CBT that I like are varied.  The primary source is from NW squeezing my balls.  She does not grab hold and go from zero to sixty, as that would be far too much to quick.  Instead, she builds the pressure slowly, with playful flexes in between.  Going this route, she can end up squeezing me almost as hard as is physically possible.  And it is wonderful! In fact, we sometimes play the “game” where I will orally service her as she squeezes my balls.  The closer she gets to orgasm, the harder she squeezes.  Until she finally goes over the top and as I continue to fuel her orgasm, she squeezes me the hardest.  That last of the pressure play would be ball crushing.  I made a pathetic ball crusher, but it works.  Balls go in and the boards come together.  An intense, lasting pressure, that will make me orgasm, if the pressure is just right.

In addition to this, we will sometimes include slapping of the balls, either bound or not.  We have indulged in punching them, when bound up, but that is not as common.  The risks of doing it too often worry me.  And, as inferred here, tying my balls up, tightly, is another favorite.  Just the idea of them being oxygen starved is a turn on.  We do play this within reason, however.  Having them bound, though, does make slapping, punching and squeezing a bit easier.  (Balls are swollen in the pic.   Victims of CBT and oxygen dep.)

We have played with insertions, hence the recent urethral sounds purchase.  We don’t do it in a painful manner, unless there is a bit of stretch.  Some mild discomfort is about the extent.  Again, I don’t want to actually damage anything.

I think the last thing to hit on is needle play, in CBT.  I have, off and on, over the years, done safety pins, straight pins and sewing needles through my scrotum (not frequently) and the skin on my shaft (fairly rare).  NW has had the pleasure of putting needles through the skin on my shaft (included pic).

I had never let a needle near my testicles, though.  So, a few months back, I decided to try it.  I had a 1 1/2″, 22ga, hypodermic needle.  After binding my balls, I found the “perfect” spot, where I figured I was least likely to hit anything vital.  Going very slowly, the needle pierced the scrotum, forced its way into my right testicle (I felt the jolt when it broke through), went pretty smoothly through the testicle and out the other side.  Having some needle left, I pushed it into my left testicle, let it sit for a few moments, then removed it.  This hurt, but not as badly as it could have (a good thing).  It is not something that I would repeat often, or suggest that others do, given the potential for damage.  It was, however, highly erotic, highly charged and I will do it again.  I just don’t know that I could let NW do it.  It is very much a feel as you go kind of thing.

So there it is!  S&M as the giver.  CBT as the receiver.

12 responses to “My Favorite Kink

    • I always thought that as well. Every once in a while, I get the urge for something “extreme”, to me. Although, I am pretty sure anyone, other than some frequent practitioners, would call it extreme…minus the qualification. Pain is the one thing I can do alone, without fear of getting caught (like with exhibitionism), that is really edgy, for when the craving/need is really powerful. Not to mention, I have a thing about wanting to be able to overcome whatever is set before me. Pain is a big one. Can I make myself endure it!? In that vein, I have had as many as 9 needles in my scrotum and the skin of my shaft, at once. I have also used needle and thread to sew the skin of my shaft over the head.
      Now, these are not common occurences, but have happened numerous times over the years. Sometimes it feels like nothing less will give enough stimulation. I guess wanking 25 times a week causes a need for something harsher, to get the stimulation desired.

  1. Hi,
    Just found your blog. I went straight to this post, as it matches our interests. CBT is our most common kink activity. I have always enjoyed stimulation on my balls and when I am highly aroused, I can really take a lot of punishment there. The thing is, my wife loves doing it! What a match! My wife likes to find the line of “too much pain”, and cross it several times. I get what you mean by having a craving for CBT.


    • Thanks for the comment and congrats on having a wife who enjoys it as much as you!
      NW enjoys it as well. She mainly enjoys it because of my reaction to it, but there is a little bit of sadist in there. It works well. In fact, after only 2 days of denial, I am already craving it and she provided some this evening. What a wonderful wife!
      She is very careful, but does like to take it to my limit…and make sure that it actually is my limit.
      I’m sure there will be more, once I make it to bed. In fact, that is a wonderful way to be awakened. NW squeezing my balls harder and harder until it wakes me up, then holding me there.

      • Oh, forgot to mention: your “game” is something we do also. My wife will summon me to come near her when I apply the vibrator to her pussy and she will squeeze my balls or cock as she is being pleasured. We both like the risk aspect of this; she has squeezed quite hard, almost like a vice. Pain for me while she is experiencing pleasure. Very erotic for both of us!

      • Very erotic indeed. I love this “game”! It is especially interesting for an non-sub, such as myself. Interesting because, while much of it is for the physical sensation, it is no doubt a feeding part of me that has submissive fantasies. While they have proven to be unsustainable at length, the whole idea of having to suffer in order to bring her pleasure, is hot!
        It gets even stranger, though, when she is hurting me, as I please her, and I start holding her as to control her body, pulling her hair, issuing commands, like “harder” but responding to her questions (“Do you want more?”, “Do you like hurting for me?”, etc…) as though I am subject to her. Both of us are top and bottom at the same time…lol.

  2. Yikes! We share a lot when it comes to chastity and our preference for CBT, but the needle thing leaves me shuddering. As a matter of fact, I still haven’t figured out how I summoned up the gumption to go and get my nipple pierced a second time, knowing how big the fucking needle is.

    • That is funny. The idea of someone piercing my nipple scares the hell out of me. I don’t even want an ear pierced! I just have no interest in getting a piercing.
      Maybe it is because it is not sexually charged enough. But that is just a guess.

      As for the needles in the testicles, it took me many, many years to actually try it. In fact, it wasn’t until I had to give myself some shots, and got used to the idea of a needle going in me, that I was able to muster the balls (pun intended) to try it. I have only done it 3, maybe 4, times. Once through 1 testicle. Once through 1 testicle and into the other (not long enough to go through both). Then, once or twice, with smaller needles, just into the testicles. I was very careful as to where, on the testicle, it pierced and to go slow and feel what was going on.

      I will do it again…but not today 🙂

      • The idea of getting a nipple piercing scares you? Good.. It should, ’cause it hurts like hell. Somehow the first time wasn’t all that bad, and I really regret letting it close up (had to go for an MRI and didn’t put the barbell back in right away). I can assure you there won’t be a third time.

      • I will definitely keep that in mind. I don’t think that I will ever even consider it, though. I am too old for piercings. Maybe another tattoo, though.

  3. Too old?? I understand that you still have children living at home. Did you father them in your fifties?? I had my nipple pierced for the first time at the age of sixty, so don;t give me this “too old” crap… I don’t think there is such a thing as too old. Heh heh heh.

    • Okay, okay. You got me. I am in my early 40’s.
      Funny you should say that. In many ways, I am in the best shape of my life. And it is getting better.

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