Be Careful What You Wish For

As you may recall, or can check for yourself, I mentioned, in yesterday’s post, that I was hoping to be denied.  That was early in the day.  By yesterday evening, I had forgotten about having typed those words.  NW, however, had read them.  I was torn between wanting to cum and wanting to be denied.  NW was kind enough to make that choice for me.

Friday night, while edging myself, I didn’t stop in time.  I stopped at the exact same point that I would have warned off NW of an impending orgasm.  When I do it, however, the sensation doesn’t seem to stop exactly when I do.  I tested this yesterday morning and actually felt it.  When NW stops, I still feel edged, but the buildup stops with her.  When I do it myself, I can stop, but there are a couple of seconds where the impending orgasm continues to build.  So, if I get too close, with myself, that prolonged buildup will carry me over the edge.  Lesson learned.

When I promptly told NW, we immediately began having sex.  She gets so horny at night (and during the day).  Even at 2 am.  She had a spate of orgasms  and I had a semi-ruined one.  She wasn’t trying to ruin it.  She stopped, when I warned her off, but it was too late.  She started stroking again, but too much time had passed by and I had what I can only describe as the last 1/3 of an orgasm.

So, yesterday morning, I began the day by edging myself.  Having discovered the secret to not going too far, I was successful.  I, promptly, put on my CB and went about my day.

Just after noon, I was hungry and tired, having been in the yard for several hours, in 100 degree heat.  I came in to change clothes and re-energize.  NW was the beneficiary of my efforts, as I led her to the bedroom, hoisted her skirt and began to recharge myself by suckling her wonderful clit.  Multiple orgasms, and a moment of cuddling later, I hopped up and clothed my caged cock.

Evening arrived.  The kids were upstairs.  NW and I retired to the bedroom.  For once, NW had a request.  She wanted penetration, but not from my cock.  To preface this, let me say that NW loves my cock.  Even so, having read my post, she wanted to keep me caged.  Also, NW has a very hard time talking dirty or even requesting specific things.  For all of her kink, she just can’t seem to make herself say the words.  So, I was surprised and excited.  Taking this simple request (instruction) from her…well, you can see the pic.

We have tried fisting many times.  I do not have small hands, though not large either.  NW does not have a lot of internal space to with which to work.  This is the closest we have ever gotten.  It appears that I am all the way in, but I am not.  I got past the knuckle of my thumb, but still lacked about an inch.

In true NW fashion, she flooded everything.  I can’t tell you how many orgasms she had.  During one of them, though, I withdrew my hand and she erupted, literally.  I can only assume that my withdrawal released the pressure on her urethra…with maximum pressure behind it.  The ejaculation went straight up and rained, yes rained, down on us.  It showered down on me, her, half of the bed, the floor and a small suitcase sitting three feet from the bed.  It was awesome!

A few more orgasms and we were done.  I was, as you guessed, denied.  And boy did I relish it.  NW expressed some guilt, that she had gotten so much pleasure and I hadn’t gotten any.  That was until I pointed out that my cage was dripping with pre-cum.  I had leaked all over the cage, onto my leg and even made a wet spot on the bed.

Later that night, once I finally decided to go to bed, and after fighting with a little one who seemed unable to stay in his, NW and I decided to play a bit more.  Thank you little one for waking Mommy up!

I used my fingers to bring NW to orgasm, again, several times.  (Once she has an orgasm, it is nothing to give her more.  Sometimes they come so fast that they seem like on long orgasm.)  She then decided that I needed some pleasure.  So she grabbed my balls, hanging so innocently from the cage, and began to squeeze them.  I continued to stimulate her as she did so.  As seems to be our MO with this play, the closer she gets to orgasm, the harder she squeezes.  The idea being that, as she reaches orgasm (the height of pleasure), she is squeezing the hardest (the height of pain).  I love this game.  The contrasting sensations, the “submission”, if you will.  I love, love, love pleasuring her.  In this game, though, I have to be willing to hurt, in order to do so.  When worked up and denied, though, I crave this play, as a substitute stimulation.  Much to my pain, I sent her over the edge.  Then it was peaceful sleep.  Well, until my first erection. 

The CB came off this morning, so I could get more sleep.  Instead, I gave her more orgasms.  She stroked me while I did this.   As we are engaging in this, she asks me if I want to cum.  In a breach of protocol, I tell her “no”.  She says, “Good.  I don’t want you to cum”.  And I thank her.  When I said, “Thank you”, she almost went over the edge.  Words are so powerful.

Off to the shower, now.  Then back in the cage.  I so love the feeling of being denied.

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