Where we stand today

NW and I rekindled some of our flame last week. We have played with all of this, off and on, for several years. On her side, I have indulged her BDSM yearnings for over a decade. Though, we have gotten more intense over the past year, much to her delight.

On the chastity side, we first played with it three years ago. One week in, a few days out. Two weeks in, a few days out. Lots of tease and denial sessions mixed in. One day in particular, she spent three hours teasing me. Keeping me right at the edge, before caging me again.

Then came the biggie…at my urging, no less. One month in the cage, without being released for any reason. Not one second of freedom. Many folks have gone much longer than that, but, for us, it was too much. I lost all interest and we learned a valuable lesson.

For the past five days, I have been exposing NW to nightly floggings and croppings. I even threw in the cane, for a short bit. The remnants are a smattering of small bruises to her inner thighs, a couple of nice bruises to her lower buttocks and her outer labia peppered with small bruises, from the tips of the flogger. I, of course, would temper the onslaught by intermittently pleasuring her pussy with my tongue.
Orgasm after orgasm… Once she hits her first, it is so easy to keep them going. Throw the alligator clips on her nipples, as I did the night before last, and she erupts, literally.

I, on the other hand, was denied orgasm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That might not seem like much to you, but I am a chronic masturbator. During the week, three times a day, like clockwork. On weekends, four or more times. This was in addition to our sex. In fact, my best guess, given the consistency of my masturbation over the years, going back to when I first started, I would guesstimate that I have masturbated 35,000 times in my life. No joke…
So, going without, even for a day, is a big deal. That was, at least, ten orgasms that I missed. Ten orgasms yielded to my NW.

Today…no orgasm. Tomorrow…who knows. But the buildup is addictive.

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